Targeting Your Future

May 2012

After you have taken the time to do the exercise above, you will then be ready to insert your recurring skills, interests and values into the graphic below. If you view this as a target, note the implications of the center hits and the side misses. To the left of center you see “necessity jobs”. This choice might serve to pay the bills, but the passion for the work is not what it might have once been. Perhaps you are thinking it’s not time for a big change yet.
Hitting the right side of the target would suggest that you may need more training or skills if your interests and values match, but your skills and knowledge just aren’t where they need to be to compete successfully in the market. Note too that I labeled the “bullseye” as a fit, but not necessarily a great fit. There are usually a few other qualifiers if you desire a great fit. Consider the following three points as you pursue that “great fit.”

What a Great Fit Looks Like
When you can use develop and stretch your talents
In a purposeful way
Within a place that values you and shares your values