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Periodically I offer my words along with my favorite articles, ideas and models from thought leaders who have helped shape my thinking about career transition and transformation.

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Career Transition & Retirement Reimagined Guides

March, 2021

Over the past ten years, most of my writing, coaching and teaching has been about career transition or retirement reimagined. This month I have organized a collection of past blogs into two guides, one for career transition and one for retirement reimagined.

Below you will find a link to each guide, followed by a list of topics within the guide. After opening a guide and viewing a topic, you can return to either guide by using the drop down menus on the top of my website. This allows you to easily access helpful information on the subjects of greatest interest to you.

Please share this information with anyone who might benefit from it.


Career Transition Guide

Laying the Foundation for Leaving Your Job

Leaving Your Job? Get Ready For These Five Questions

Living Life Forward, Understanding it Backwards

The Three Stages of a Transition

Career Crossroads after 50… Nine Top Choices

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting

When Networking Is Not Working

Smart and Memorable Interviewing

Job Interviews: The 8 Things That Will Matter Most

Evaluating An Opportunity


Retirement Reimagined Guide

Bridging to a Portfolio Life

Broader Possibilities Ahead

Working in the Form You Want

Curiosity Never Retires

Giving Back

Here’s to Your Health

Pleasure + Engagement + Purpose

Create your future, guided by your past

The Portfolio Life Transformation… Five Words to Guide You

Networking Before & After Retirement…Ten Reasons + Ten Steps


If your future focus is career transition or retirement reimagined, the guides within this blog will help you move ahead with greater insight and success. Each guide includes ten of my most helpful writings so that you, or someone you would like to help, can move toward a brighter future.

The best to you on your road ahead,