Key Factors Recruiters and Employers Consider When Evaluating Candidates

February 2013

Job interview
Here is the short version of what I have learned from countless conversations with recruiters and employers. How would you rate yourself in each of these five categories?

Especially proof that you have successfully done in the past what you will need to do for this organization in the future

Past achievements that offer proof of your drive, plus current energy that reveals the drive you have now, and will bring forward in the future

Getting along successfully in good times and tough times. Fit especially for the opportunity and culture within the organization you are pursuing

Always remember that you are competing with others, not the job specifications. How do your abilities, motivation and fit compare to other candidates?

Who are your sponsors, and how can they help you get to the front of the line? It is not necessarily the most qualified candidate that gets the job, it is more often the candidate that is both qualified and has been endorsed by trusted sponsors. Networks drive trust and visibility. Resumes can look amazing, interviews can be dazzling, but “who do I trust?” is the question that recruiters and employers lose sleep over. During your job campaign, spend most of your time on networking, building your visibility and reputation for excellence and trust.