Thinking Small

January 2012

thinksmallWhy think small? Over the past ten years, I have watched the majority of my transitioning clients land in smaller companies. It’s a clear trend. Quite a few have also been busy creating, buying or joining small or solo businesses. Most are having a positive experience, making an impact, and leveraging considerable skills and knowledge gained during those big company years. They aren’t expecting to be heading back to a bigger company any time soon. If you are in this camp now, read on. If your current status or future focus is a big company, one day you too will likely be thinking small. Either way, keep an open mind, and read on.

Here is a summary of two of my favorites on this subject.

Seven Keys to Switching from a Bigger Company to a Smaller One

Michael Fertik is a repeat Internet entrepreneur and CEO with experience in technology and law. He founded in 2006. Here are the headlines from his Harvard Business Review blog:

Forget influence – empire building

Solve everything yourself

Never cover your a$$

Go faster

Don’t solve problems you don’t have

Get used to waterfall budgeting

Understand that your daily impact is huge

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