The 20-Minute Networking Meeting Book

October 2012


This is an excellent book. If you don’t already own it, seriously consider buying a copy for yourself. While you are at it, buy one for someone else who needs it. I have spent twenty-three years as an executive career transition consultant, have read a good many books on this subject, and can say without hesitation that this one is my favorite. It is practical, concise and very well written, especially for executive level networking. One of the authors, Marcia Ballinger, is a highly regarded local retained executive recruiter who really understands this subject.

After all these years, one thing remains unchanged. Networking is the number one means for discovering and pursuing your next opportunity. Mastery and maintenance of this skill is imperative. If you are not now in transition, remember the axiom; “Make friends before you need them”. Recommit to giving and receiving networking help and advice. Use this book to take your networking to the next level, then pay it forward.

Here is how it works

Step 1: Great First Impression
2-3 minutes of thanks, connecting and setting an agenda

Step 2: Great Overview
1 minute for giving an overview of experience

Step 3: Great Discussion
12-15 minutes discussing five key questions:
Three unique questions using a Statement->Question model
One asking for other contacts
One asking how you can help the person you are meeting with

Step 4: Great ending
2 minutes for thanks and wrap-up

Step 5: Great Follow-up
Meaningful follow-up, right after the meeting