Planned Happenstance

February 2012
jk“A satisfying career — and a satisfying life — is found through actively creating your own luck and making the most of new and unforeseen experiences.”
From Luck Is No Accident, John Krumboltz

I am finding myself offering this quote quite often these days. When one of my clients is busy networking, the planned part is their answers to the questions: “Why did you leave (or are you considering leaving) your job? What do you want to do next? Where do you want to do that work? How can I help you?”

What comes next is the happenstance part. You just don’t know what will come your way when you network for information, advice, referrals and opportunities. You also have to be cautious with what lands in your net. Is that opportunity looking like a good catch or an Asian Carp? Happenstance can be good, can be bad. Take good care of yourself, keep tying your knots, casting your net, creating your luck!