Elaine’s Eight

April, 2014


It’s spring cleaning time. Are you ready to recalibrate your thinking a little? Elaine Agather offers some great ideas for this season of growth and new possibilities. Read all the way to the end, as Elaine has done some recalibrating of her own, and in some ways her 8.1 upgrade is even more powerful than her original eight principles.

by Elaine B. Agather
Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase, Dallas Region

Saddle Your Own Horse… Don’t wait for others to take care of you or for that dream job to come along. Never wait! You’re in charge of your life and your career.

Like What You Do… I didn’t say “Do what you like” – there’s a big difference. Liking what you do means you know how to make the most of opportunities. You look for the positives in every situation. You play the hand you’re dealt, and you win.

Turn on a Dime… Become a speed demon at changing directions. Embrace new opportunities and ideas. Adapt and thrive because changes will just keep coming. How you respond to change is what matters most.

Stay Connected… Develop and nurture relationships. Find mentors and reach out to those who might want to learn from you. Stay close to those you care about.

Practice Free Speech… Communicate all the time. Repeat your message as often as possible. People need to hear what you have to say. Don’t assume they already know – they usually don’t.

Get Over It… Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t take things that happen in business personally. Tough decisions have to be made. That’s part of the process. And, you will make mistakes. Fix them and move on.

Develop Your Funny Bone… You cannot survive – in business or in life – without a sense of humor. Lighten up, loosen up, and laugh. It’s amazing how far this will take you. And, you’ll sure feel a lot better!

Strengthen Your Back Bone… Do the right thing when it’s not easy or popular. Character is our foundation. Integrity has to be our guiding value. We’re nothing without it.


Saddle Your Own Horse…then ride with a good team.

Like What You Do…and then you decide what to like next.

Turn On A Dime… and remember to slow down.

Stay Connected…but vary the connections.

Practice Free Speech… and sprinkle it liberally with “thank yous.”

Get Over It…but spend a little time in recovery.

Develop Your Funny Bone…but cry with them, too.

Strengthen Your Back Bone…There is no upgrade; no change. There’s nothing about this one that we can or should ever change.