Client Outcomes & Testimonials

Chief Executive Officer/President

Jeffrey Kiesel
From General Electric to G & K to Restaurant Technologies Inc

Ken Sobaski
From Capella University to TUI University

Al Rausch
From Merrill Corporation to American Financial Printing

Greg Guettler
From Universal Hospital Services to Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc.

Dave Rothschiller
From Health Billing Systems, Inc. to Northwest Anesthesia, PA

Chief Operating Officer

Bob Adkinson
From Best Buy to Archway Marketing Services

Tim Wieland
From ME Global to Vomela Specialty Company

Chief Marketing Officer/VP Marketing

Reed Watson
From Capella University to TUI University

Jeannine Bieter
From Thomson Reuters Corporation to CPP North America

Karen Poel
From Target and Macys to Apothecary Products

Amy Boyle
From St. Jude Medical to IMRIS, Inc.

Vice President of Global Customer Excellence

Tim Larson
From Jostens to Polaris Industries, Inc.

VP of Product Strategy

George May
From Thomson Reuters Corporation to Kroll Ontrack

Human Resources Business Partner/VP Human Resources

Kathy Kenny
From RSM McGladrey to Cisco Systems

Steve Hendren
From Datacard to Logic PD


Joanne Sunquist
From CIO of Allina to CIO of Hennepin County Medical Center

Anne Peacock
From SVP of Product Management and Operational Strategy at GMAC Residential Funding Corporation to COO/VP of Organizational Development CommonBond Communities

David Bach
from Vice President and COO of Scholarship America to Director of Development, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

Kim Skyelander
From Executive Director of Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center to Associate Director of the Natural Resource Center at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, CO.

Business Purchase

John Byom
From CFO of International Multifoods to Classic Provisions

Business Startup

Nathan Dungan
From VP of Marketing at Thrivent to Share, Save, Spend, LLC

Business Refocus

Doug Owens-Pike
Founder and Owner, EnergyScapes, Inc.

Consulting Firm

Chip Perry
From Solo Entrepreneur to Kalypso

Solo Consulting,Contracting and Teaching

Bob Meekin
From VP of Human Resources of GN Resound to HR Executive Insourcing, LLC

Consulting/Contracting Partnership

Diane Merrifield and Sue Schabert
From Marketing Executives at Harlan Clarke to Mindbridge Marketing

Diane Kokal
From EVP of Client Services at Custom Research to BK Research Solutions

Bob Schulte
From VP of Operations at Xcel Energy to Schulte Associates, LLC

IT Contracting

Pat Berger
From IT Director at Fairview Health Services to IT Consultant/Contractor at Validus Consulting

Portfolio Life

Definition: “A portfolio of activities – some we do for money, some for interest, some for pleasure, some for a cause…the different bits fit together to form a balanced whole…greater than the parts.” From The Age of Unreason, Charles Handy, 1989

Mike Jackson
From President and COO of SUPERVALU to MLJ Consulting

Robyn Waters
From VP of Trend and Design at Target Corporation to RW Trend, LLC

John Rinn
From VP of Client Facing Technologies at A.C. Neilsen to long-term contractor at General Mills

Kathy Andrus
From VP of Career Management Services at Right Management to Independent HR Consulting and Contracting

Edith Swiatek
From Healthcare Executive at Fairview Health Services to Allina Hospitals and Clinics

Bonnie Roed
From VP of Product Development at Target to Roed-Consulting, LLC

Mary Nedry
From VP of Human Resources at Ameriprise to Portfolio Life then back to full-time employment

George Lopuch
From EVP of Strategy at Best Buy to Partner at Retail Masters to Portfolio Life